How many people work in crypto companies

Larry Cermak from The Block published his research on how many people work in crypto companies:

Some interesting facts about these companies:

  • Bitmain, the bitcoin mining company, made $3-4b in profits in 2017. Although, probably during the bear cycle of 2018, the numbers didn’t look so good anymore. 

  • Coinbase, the Y-Combinator company, is probably considering an IPO soon.

  • ConsenSys, a software company building Ethereum infrastructure & applications, is fully funded by its founder, Joseph Lubin (although it is considering a $200 million funding from external investors). 

  • Binance is the fastest-growing company in the world. It was launched in mid-2017, and it was already making $200m in profit in its second-quarter and $446 million in profit for 2018, its second year in business (even though the market declined over 80% in that year).

    - Edgar