There's 711K active bitcoin addresses

Here’s some interesting data by Coinmetrics.

Comparing active addresses and transactions per day, we can say that on average, every active BTC address is doing 0.5 transactions per day. However, every active ETH address is doing 2.5 transactions per day

It shows that ETH is being used a lot more because of its focus on being a blockchain for applications (programmable money), instead of following the route of bitcoin; a digital gold that's not meant for a lot of transactions.

It will be interesting to observe how these numbers change once ETH 2.0 is out, increasing the capacity of the network up to 1000x. You can see the need for more transactions since the network is being used at the avg of 90% capacity for the past two years.

On other metrics, it's also fascinating to see that there are over 14M bitcoin addresses with balance more than $10.

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- Edgar